Rabbi Alex Goldberg

Chaplain to Surrey University and Surrey Police

Rabbi Alexander Goldberg is the Senior Coordinating Chaplain and Jewish Chaplain to the University of Surrey.

  • Dedicated to student life on campus
  • Serves Jewish pastoral and spiritual needs of campus staff and students at Surrey University, GSA, PPA, College of Law and University of Creative Arts.
  • Available to teach Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Radio interviews
  • Regular media contributor to Radio 2's Pause for Thought
  • Diversity Training
  • Schools Visit
  • Academic expert on community development, religion and human rights, Holocaust Theology, human rights and Judaism and interfaith relations.
  • Proudly serves Surrey Police.
  • Advisor on matters of Jewish law.

Alex Goldberg received ordination in 2019 from Montefiore College and Eretz Hemdah. His Semicha was co-signed by Lord Sacks.

To contact him by email a.goldberg@surrey.ac.uk